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Henry's origins and trajectory

Born into a family of musicians, Henry West began his musical career strumming the guitar on his grandfather’s lap. Music remained a constant and comfort throughout his school years, picking up the bass guitar, followed by an intrinsic and natural progression to the piano where he discovered a love of musical theory. His natural ability complemented by a deep understanding of theory saw Henry progress from amateur to musical professional. Finding his voice and stage persona, Henry began writing his own music and lyrics. With his laptop and a desire to share his emotions and stories through music, Henry taught himself to record, mix and master his own musical works. Henry West continues to master his craft, creating a diverse array of sounds, dabbling in jazzy, neo-soul frequencies, with the creative vision of unlimited versatility, from jazz, rap, techno, rock and more. Henry has made his debut as a writer, director, producer and actor with the success of his debut short film and "Anastasis: A Visual Album" which has left audiences speechless and in awe for its blend of dance, film and live music. Henry knows no limits when it comes to his creative expression.

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