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  • Have Henry West play live at your venue, wedding or party!

  • Get professional grade mixing and mastering from Henry West.

    $250 Mix $90 Master
  • Work one-on-one with Henry in the production stage of your track

    Starting from $100
  • Learn to produce, mix and master your tracks in Logic Pro X

  • Intermediate guitar and piano lessons including musical theory.

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"During the Bachelor of Music program I was able to work with Henry on a few projects and truly got to see his talent on vocals, songwriting and instruments. Henry is an exceptionally talented musician and amazing bloke both in and out of the studio." - Alex, Producer 

"Henry is an awesome teacher who is super friendly and passionate, and has a wide knowledge of music concepts." - Will, Musician

"Henry holds a great passion for his music and his expression of life ! With both fun and commitment , I admire how he shows up for himself as a musician in many creative ways :) A great teacher to have" - Tara, Artist

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Contact Henry through the contact page or by emailing

To view sample work of production, mixing and mastering, click on the Music menu.

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